Connecting Arduino to your car, other Arduinos or existing CAN Bus networks has never been easier thanks to SECUduino!!

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial data communication protocol, which was originally developed for automotive applications and is now used in other industrial applications.

  • Access to the bus is controlled by non-destructive, bit-wise arbitration.

  • Messages are small (up to eight data bytes) and are protected by a checksum.

  • Messages have no explicit address. Each message carries a numeric value which controls its priority on the bus and can serve as an identification of the contents of the message.

  • Sophisticated error handling ensures that messages are retransmitted if they are not properly received.

  • Faults are isolated and faulty nodes are removed from the bus.

  • CAN will operate in extremely harsh environments.

  • Data consistency guaranteed.

  • High speeds at low cost.

  • Provides real-time communication.

  • Network is flexible allowing expansion.