viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Adding LCD-Character module



For sure, one of the most important steps to the SECUduino project is to add a visualization device. The easiest and cheapest is a character lcd based on the HD44780. Arduino support these displays with the LiquidCrystal library. We´ve choosen a 4 lines x 20 characters.

One very interesting Arduino based boards is the Seeedstudio Mega (atmega 1280). It´s 30% smaller than an Arduino Mega! An you can do yourself a shields because it has standard separation between pins in the header (2.54 mm).

I´ve used a 7x9 cm prototype board to create my DIY shield.

The schematic:

  • pin 1, LCD  to  GND
  • pin 2, LCD  to  +5V
  • pin 3, LCD  [Vo] to  potenciometer 10 KOhm
  • pin 4, LCD  [RS] to  pin13, Arduino
  • pin 5, LCD  [R/W] to  pin 12, Arduino
  • pin 6, LCD   [E]  to  pin 11, Arduino
  • pin 7, LCD   [DB0]=> N.C
  • pin 8, LCD   [DB1]=> N.C
  • pin 9, LCD   [DB2] => N.C
  • pin 10, LCD [DB3]=> N.C
  • pin 11, LCD [DB4] to pin10, Arduino
  • pin 12, LCD [DB5] to pin 9, Arduino
  • pin 13, LCD [DB6] to pin 8, Arduino
  • pin 14, LCD [DB7]  to pin 7, Arduino
  • pin 15, LCD [A]  to resitor 120 ohm
  • pin 16,LCD  [K]  to GND.

CAN brick:
  • pin 49,Arduino [port L, bit 0]  to pin 8,CAN brick [INT]
  • pin 50,Arduino [port B, bit 3] to pin 5,CAN brick [MISO]
  • pin 51,Arduino [port B, bit 2] to pin 4,CAN brick [MOSI]
  • pin 52,Arduino [port B, bit 1] to pin 3,CAN brick [SCK]
  • pin 53,Arduino [port B, bit 0] to pin 2,CAN brick [CS]

Some photos of the results:

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